GROUP SHOW   by Nakkiah Lui, Bridget Mackey, Chloe Martin, Maxine Mellor and Leila Rodgers.


MKA Theatre of New Writing

Darebin Arts SpeakEasy

Studio One, Northcote Town Hall

19-30 March, 2013


Ghosts compare stars signs; a life in a share house in a bowl of spaghetti becomes dramatic; love games are played down by the train tracks; people with heads the shape of shapes have a cocktail party in the 50s; and racist pornstars look for love in all the wrong places. 


5 short works by new and emerging female playwrights from around the country.

CO-DIRECTOR: Luke Kerridge


DESIGNER: Lucy Thornett

LIGHTING DESIGNER: Amelia Lever-Davidson
CHOREOGRAPHER: Jordine Cornish

CAST: Aaron Walton, Annabel Marshall-Roth, Amy Jones, Alex McQueen, Devon Lang Wilton, Ryan Jones
PHOTOGRAPHY: Eugyeene Teh and Annabelle Hale
PROMO SHOT: Sarah Walker



An excerpt from GROUP SHOW:Opening Sequence and 'This Blazing Light' by Bridget Mackey.



"Without doubt, the best direction of a short-play season that I’ve seen...a world that seemed made for each of the very-different works and is so funny and fascinating that the change-over moments between each play are as good as the plays...

A reminder that short plays can, and should, be wonderful"



“The off-kilter corridor of a cheap motel, each entranceway lit up with unearthly neons…Group Show begins like an early David Lynch film, a mood of surreal suburbia and the oddities that lie behind each door uniting this showcase of five short works by emerging playwrights”
– The Age