"Great fun and a must for anyone interested in what can be achieved when kids take the reins....

Everything is done with a joyful light sense of humour and trust"

-Stage Whispers


"A blast! I have not had so much fun in a long time..."

-Butterfly & Fox


(a different kind of bush dance)


The Substation, July 6-8, 2017.


Children all around Australia learn to bush dance every year. You did, I did, we all did. So what’s the deal with a bush dance? What does it mean today? And will we still be Krumping in a hundred years’ time?


Take your partner by the hand as St Martins throws the rule book away with Banjos, Boots & Beyoncé (A different kind of Bush Dance). Kids call the shots on this riotous night of dance, banter and Iced Vovos.


Banjos, Boots & Beyonce is a St Martins Small Interruption.








Director: Luke Kerridge
Choreographer: Ghenoa Gela
Sound/DJ: Mz Rizk
Designer: Romanie Harper
Lighting Designer: Lucy Birkinshaw
Assistant Director: Dale Thorburn
Production Management: Filament Design Group